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About Thriving Multicultural Communities

Unity in Diversity - Equal Opportunity for All

The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. (TMC) stands as a beacon of support and integration since its inception in March 2001. As a not-for-profit, community-based entity, it operates under the governance of a dedicated volunteer management committee and thrives through the efforts of a professional team alongside volunteers from diverse backgrounds. Celebrating the essence of multiculturalism, TMC advocates for the enrichment brought about by cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity within Australian society.

With a steadfast commitment to impartiality, TMC dedicates its resources to aiding community members, often referred to as “battlers,” helping them to realize their ambitions and potential.

The vision of The Migrant Centre Organisation Inc. is encapsulated in the phrase ‘Unity in Diversity – Equal Opportunity for All’, highlighting a core belief in inclusivity and equal chances for everyone.

Financially supported by the Australian Government, TMC offers vital services and assistance focusing on the settlement and employment of newly arrived migrants. Gaining trust and support from the community, it sustains its operations through membership fees, donations, and sponsorships, all of which are fully tax-deductible thanks to its recognition by the ATO as a benevolent and charitable institution with Deductible Gift Recipient endorsement since 2001.

Our Objectives

  • Championing improved economic, social, and cultural opportunities for individuals from all cultural backgrounds within Australia.
  • Encouraging civic and community engagement while fostering skill development among migrants.
  • Developing strategies aimed at settlement, social inclusion, and sustainable employment.
  • Elevating the value of multiculturalism and productive diversity for the collective benefit.


The foundation of a vibrant, prosperous, and resilient community is the collective strength and contribution of individuals from varied backgrounds.

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Unity through diversity:
Opportunities for all.

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