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Leading Multicultural Support

Introducing TMC's Multicultural Support Initiative

Thriving Multicultural Communities (TMC) is honored to spearhead the Multicultural Support Initiative, a pivotal program for the next few years, designed to enhance the social and economic inclusion of the CALD community across the Northern Gold Coast.

Your Multicultural Support Coordinator

Jake Coates steers our initiatives with extensive experience in fostering multicultural support, equipped with a Bachelor’s in International Relations and expertise in intercultural communication and grant writing.

Featured Programs

  • Emergency Readiness for Migrants: Prepare for and recover from regional emergencies with essential knowledge and tools.

  • Senior Digital Literacy Workshops: Navigate the digital world confidently, with hands-on device training.

  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship: Turn business ideas into reality with guidance from experienced entrepreneurs.

  • Community DFV Dialogue: Lead the change in addressing domestic violence through open community discussions.

  • Youth Job Support Sessions: Boost your employment prospects with comprehensive job search assistance – and enjoy some pizza while you’re at it!

  • Sports for Social Engagement: Participate in our successful Harmony Cup soccer and upcoming swimming programs for a blend of fitness and social interaction.

  • Ethno-specific Organization Development: Start and manage your community group effectively with our foundational workshops.

About the Multicultural Support Initiative

This initiative reflects our commitment to fostering an inclusive, harmonious community in Queensland. Funded by the Queensland Government, it supports locally-based organizations to deliver impactful economic and social inclusion outcomes.

Our Vision and Approach

TMC’s comprehensive plan over the coming years includes launching diverse programs and activities designed to bolster social cohesion and create equal opportunities for all community members.

Join Our Programs

For a deeper engagement with our programs or for more information, use the button below to express your interest or keep an eye on our social media for the latest updates.

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